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  Complete Healthcare
8420 Medical Plaza Drive
Suite 400
Charlotte, NC 28262

(704) 510-1510
  Suffering From:  

Low Back Pain Arm Pain Pinched Nerves Neck Pain Joint & Muscle Pain
Numbness & Tingling TMJ Headaches Arthritis Shoulder Pain
Leg/Hip Pain Carpal Tunnel Whiplash Disc Problems Sprains Strains

  Here's How It Works:  
Patients are greeted by a friendly and courteous staff.
Thorough consultations and examinations are conducted by the doctor in a comfortable atmosphere while each patient is given a detailed explanation of their condition as well as treatment recommendations.
SRT Disc decompression is essential in treating neck and back conditions.
Our specialized floor staff utilizes therapeutic exercise, stretches, traction, ice packs, electrotherapy and mechanical massage units to alleviate muscular symptoms.
Specific spinal adjustments are administered according to patients needs.

Patient education is a must to achieve Complete Health.

  It Just makes Sense!  
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