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When all else fails, Dr. Christopher Beller can help with your worst pain, with the Pettibon System musculoskeletal rescue program. This one-of-a-kind spinal rehabilitation program goes beyond treating symptoms to provide measurable, permanent spinal correction.

Complete Healthcare is one of the practices in the Charlotte area with the Pettibon System, which offers important differences you and your doctor will appreciate:

  Measurable results – the Pettibon System uses pre- and post treatment X-rays to document improvement in spinal curvature and alignment, along with muscle testing to assess your progress.
  Empowering your recovery – The Pettibon System requires your participation and commitment. You’ll build awareness of your body and posture and take part in a home program that includes detailed instruction from Dr. Beller.
  Longterm results – As a Pettibon System practitioner, Dr. Beller’s goal is permanent spinal correction achieved through at-home and in-office rehabilitation and support.

Complete Healthcare effectively treats chronic back pain, neck pain, migraines and other painful conditions with the Pettibon System.

Dr. Beller often recommends the Pettibon System for our patients with the worst pain and injury, especially those conditions that have not responded to other treatment – even other chiropractic care.

The Pettibon System is ideal for many patients with:

  Spinal pain in both the hard and soft tissues, including complex, difficult back problems such as herniated disc or bulging discs
  Neck and low back pain
  Hip and leg pain
  Shoulder pain, arm pain and carpal tunnel
  Tension, migraine and other persistent headaches
  Arthritis pain and joint dysfunction
  Chronic pain and Fibromyalgia

If you’ve followed doctor’s orders, tried medication, exercises and everything else for your back or neck pain, find out how Complete Healthcare can help you with the Pettibon System.


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